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The Ensemble is an artist collective working to promote understanding difference as a strategy for creating community
and social change. Utilizing interdisciplinary performance, we as a collective strive to strengthen communities and ourselves
by provoking new thought and evoking action through interpersonal and global cross cultural communication.
We seek to foster young artists in through the cultural arts of hip-hop and spoken word poetry, and various
theatrical forms, to promote self-empowerment, social awareness and professional artistic advancement.




Efrain Colon

Efrain Colon has been dancing since a young age and continues to grace stages and television in the world of modern, hip-hop, jazz, breaking, and more. Efrain has been dancing with long –time friends and fellow Project 2050 Alumni Jeremy Wheat and Tim Costa. The trio has been seen in many forms on “So You Think You Can Dance” and UMass March Madness. Efrain looks to advance his artistic abilities in poetry, dance, singing, and more as a member of 2050 Legacy.



Aisha Jordan-Jerome

2050 Legacy co-founder and Project 2050 alumni, Aisha has been in and around cultural arts and theater all of her life. She was an active Project 2050 participant for 10 years and was exposed to the arts from an early age through involvement with UMass Amherst's New WORLD Theater. She received her B.A. in Arts and Theater from Eugene Lang College at the New School University, and her M.A. in Arts and Politics from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She strives to create opportunities for artists and arts organizations while evolving her interdisciplinary arts career.




Monique Desir

Monique is a Project 2050 Alumni member, and has been creating art and working with artists for many years. Monique studies at Greenfield Community College taking classes in the liberal arts. She is skilled in various media such as film, music, web, and photography, and works with several local Massachusetts organizations such as Youth Action Coalition and Video Vanguards. Monique is a mover, dancer, poet and MC, and aspires to create strong foundations for artists and young people in the arts.


Frantz Jerome Headshot

Frantz Jerome

Frantz is a lyricist and poet with extensive experience in arts education and workshop and program development. He served as head counselor for Project 2050's Summer Retreats. He has been working with youth for over ten years and practicing his art as an MC and poet with The Peace Poets.
Frantz studies writing at The New School University in New York City. He aspires to create proper opportunities for youth in the arts while practicing his arts as a skilled wordsmith.







Rafael Jordan

Rafael grew up in the educational and cultural oasis of Amherst, MA. A child of the multicultural based New WORLD Theater  and Alumni of Project 2050, Rafael was influenced early by artists like Steven Sapp, Mildred Ruiz, Willie Perdomo, Alice Tuan, Sekou Sundiata, Jose Rivera, Lemon Anderson, Baba Israel and Danny Hoch. After receiving a Bachelors Degree of Independent Concentration (Acting/Directing for Theatre and Film) with a minor in Photography at UMass Amherst, Rafael completed the highly competitive Apprentice Acting program at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Subsequently, Rafael has completed additional training with Seth Barrish and Lee Brock in their year-long study at The Barrow Group; a master class workshop in Shakespeare and Restoration with former Julliard Prof. Robert Neff Williams; and attended the Studio 5 Michael Chekhov, Antonin Artaud International Fringe and Performance Study in Bali, Indonesia, led by Per Brahe, Akil Davis, and Aole T. Miller.




Liz Mazzei

 Project 2050 Alumni and 2050 Legacy co-founder, Liz has been practicing interdisciplinary arts all her life. Growing up in the Pioneer Valley, she was a part of NWT's Project 2050 for 8 years. Liz is experienced in multi-cultural arts and theater performance arts as a musician, singer, actress, photographer and movement artist. Working at several different organizations and educational projects such as Amherst Regional High School, Conjunto de Bomba, and LSSE afterschool and summer programs, Liz works to provide services for emerging and established artists to hone their craft while perfecting her art in performance and more.



e2050 Legacy Ensemble

Works In Progress

Five strangers meet at a party at the end of the world. Why are they together?
What brought them to this place? Have they given up, do they meet their fate with the tired resignation of
hopelessness long ago accepted? Do they have a hand in the destruction of our world as we know it;
are they fighting to create a new one out of the rubble? Have they come to share love and laughter
at the end of things, or to relish in armageddon? 2050 Legacy’s new interdisciplinary performance
will delve into these questions through music, spoken word and movement,
as we countdown to the end/beginning of the world.



"Culture Wars" was an interdisciplinary performance piece that interrogated the issues that divide us as a people.
The show critiqued the ways in which poverty, racism, homophobia,
xenophobia, etc., distract us from the big picture of injustice and inequality in our society.
The performance was an expression of how these issues affect us personally and politically,
as well as an exploration of alternative ways of relating to one another.

 “Culture Wars” was performed May 12, 2011 as part of the Culture Shock Festival a three day
student organized festival, coordinated with the
Department of Art and Public Policy at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts
and on June 6, 2011 at the Greater Hartford Academy for the Arts in Hartford, CT.


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* New WORLD Theater's Project 2050, founded by Roberta Uno, was a vibrant youth group based at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Fine Arts Center
from 1999 - 2009. Many of the 2050 Legacy members are alumni of this impactful project.
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