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What is DigiStories.....Digital Storytelling!

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DIGISTORIES are workshops that foster the creation of original digital stories-- creating short movies from an original written story. Digital storytelling uses technology--video, still images, music, audio and narrative -- to tell stories in a very new way.

The most powerful gift we have in our communities is our stories, traditions and cultures. Storytelling is an art form and a tradition germane to every culture. Stories give us information we need to make important decisions, or safeguard our children from harm. Stories let us know more about our neighbors or who is in our family tree. 

Storytelling encourages a sharing of information in a style that fosters social knowledge and community practice, leading to both personal and community transformation. Everyone has a story to tell and in that telling, there are insights for both the teller and the listener.

DIGITAL STORYTELLING uses media tools to continue the transformative nature of storytelling. Not reserved just for media professionals, digital storytelling puts technology and media tools in everyone's hands, allowing them to tell stories that may otherwise go untold. And with the rise of social media, stories can be shared far and wide easily! Digital Storytelling promotes personal transformation, community empowerment and social change.

"This workshop offers the rare opportunity to both engage in a creative and transformative storytelling process among community, as well as to develop a final product and skillset for later use. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking new spaces and forms for personal and group self-expression to unfold. Thank you for an enriching and heart-opening weekend!"




These DS examples are a product of workshops taught by Yvonne Mendez,
and are not available for reproduction or reuse of any kind.



Topics List


DigiStories workshops bring voice to participants in a way they have never experienced before. Participants are given a chance to examine their lives, and animate them in a media format they can share easily. Often participants share life changing events, and this process helps to bring closure. “In Memoriam” - Participants sometimes reflect on those folks important in their lives, or who helped them to be who they are today. A digital story can say thanks and also memorialize your loved ones.

EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES - Stories are varied across many topics: coming-of-age stories, health issues, family transitions, gender identity, discrimination and equality issues, community topics such as clean water, housing, voting laws, etc. Digital storytelling is a way to shed light on these issues and encourage activism.

DigiStories can bridge gaps between people. Everyone can relate to a good story. You see a piece of yourself in the story. Or you see something new and curious about a person or their culture that you didn’t know before. DigiStories expands understanding.

FAMILY LEGACY - Memorialize family members, as a way to continue their legacy. We provide a framework for working with your family member, to record their stories. The final product is a video with your loved ones' voice, and pictures and videos that memorialize them for the next generation to come.

FIRST RESPONDERS - First responders attend to survivors often in stressful situations. They hold so many stories and experiences! But who ever asks them about their own experiences? How do they process their own stressful baggage? Digital Storytelling is the answer!

Bringing voice to youth is especially important. In this age of social media, digital storytelling is a way for youth to express themselves and communicate with their peers, sharing the hard times that many youth feel they are going through alone. Many topics come up in youth workshops: self-identity, bullying, suicide, violence and abuse, gender identity. These are topics that affect our youth, sometimes with detrimental outcomes. DigiStories gives youth a chance to express and share their thoughts experiences. Getting and giving support.

For five years I've taught digital storytelling to high school-aged students. DigiStories can be used in the classroom to awaken interest in academic subjects, or give voice to those whose voices have been suppressed.






1. INTRO TO DIGITAL STORYTELLING (DS) and The STORY CIRCLE. Part One of this workshop includes an introduction to the genre of digital storytelling and its impact in various aspects including schools, community centers, public health and social service agencies, universities and more. The session includes viewing sample stories, learning to recognize the DS format. Part Two is the Story Circle, a structured process used to help participants develop their personal stories, utilizing feedback from the rest of the group. The circle is sacred and safe.  It is a collaborative creative process, where sharing, listening and constructive feedback are of utmost importance.

"I really appreciated the general structure and flow of the workshop. I liked how in day one, we started with brief introductions, segued into watching some truly powerful selections of digital stories, and then launched into the story circle. By the end of the first day, I felt like I had a grasp on what a digital story is, and also very connected with other participants. I felt like Yvonne did a great job of safely containing the space, and clearly spoke from a place of deep experience and familiarity with the digital storytelling process. "

2. MEDIA PRODUCTION (Pre-requisite is Intro to DS & Story Circle Workshop) This workshop includes recording voiceovers, image and sound selection tutorials, software training, movie editing and production. No stress here! Very basic instruction for participants. Remember, the software is just a tool used to create the videos. You don’t have to master it or be an expert video editor. We utilize easy-to-use software including iMovie or WeVideo, an online editing program. All levels participate in these workshops and even if you are not “tech-saavy” we have a solution for you.

3. DIGISTORIES COMPLETE This workshop includes the Intro to Digital Storytelling and the Story Circle workshop, and Media Production of your digital story all in one 3-day workshop experience.

4. TRAINERS WORKSHOP. We can train your staff to facilitate Story Circles for your staff and/or students.

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This total creative workshop process can happen over a 3-day intensive or a longer workshop over the academic quarter or semester. Schools and community groups can choose a focal topic for workshops, such as health/wellness or job training experiences.

Participants should come prepared with an open mind and a few stories you would like to tell.

Bring pictures, video clips but we can also help you to find the best media for your story.

We will watch videos so you can see the power of digital storytelling!

Story Circle: Together, participants help fine tune your story.

Technology: No stress here! Very basic instruction for participants. Remember, the software is just a tool used to create the videos. You don’t have to master it or be an expert video editor. We utilize easy-to-use software including iMovie or WeVideo, an online editing program. All levels participate in these workshops and even if you are not “tech-saavy” we have a solution for you.

"When I signed up for this workshop, I approached it with a lot of curiosity around form/technique, and did not expect to go so deep into my personal life story. I really benefited from discovering through the course of the workshop that digital storytelling is a form that was personally very useful in bringing to light difficult life experiences in a creative and engaging way. "








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